There has been a resurgence lately in the bobcat population on Sanibel and many have been able to view these shy cats.

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Keeps your eyes open at daybreak and night fall­­­, as they are fascinating to see. The lynx rufus, or bobcat, are found mainly in the coastal communities in Florida and grow only between 28 and 47 inches in length and only about 20 to 24 inches high and generally live only about 8 years.

Bobcats breed in the winter and the kittens are born in the Spring. They generally have 4 kittens in one litter and once full grown they weigh only about 30 pounds.

Unlike the Florida panther, the bobcat is not endangered and thrives in our area and even in Northern states because of the protections placed on them.  They are rebounding as well.

When can you see them? Mostly at dawn or dusk and over into the night time.

They eat most anything including rats, mice, raccoons, armadillos, birds and snakes. It is not uncommon to see a bobcat jump many feet into the air to grab flying birds.

They have very few predators and only a large alligator would be considered a danger for them on Sanibel Island.

The only case in which a bobcat has actually attacked a human being is when their nest of kittens have been involved. The mother will protect it’s litter, but there are no known fatal attacks on humans.

Don’t try to pack one of these guys up to take them home with you, they are not capable of being domesticated and will injure themselves in a cage and bite and scratch if cornered.

Simply enjoy them as they are, wandering around the island. Elusive creatures of the night and a thrill to see! As soon as they see you they dart off in a flash. Just one of the many natural attractions on our natural island paradise!