Whether you are in Sanibel or Southwest Florida, brown and white pelicans are a familiar part of our sub-tropical paradise. Here at Sanibel Arms West, you can see these quirky creatures hanging out at the dock or dive bombing into the ocean in pursuit of their next meal.

Check out some interesting and funny facts about these feathered friends.

Pelicans have webbed feet and feed on fish by plunge diving and scooping them up into their pouch. When they fly close to water, they fly in a straight line. Their preferred habitats include sandy coastal beaches, lagoons, water fronts and pilings.

A pelican can hold about three gallons of water and fish in its pouch. They have air sacks beneath their skin and in their bones that makes them very buoyant.

Adult pelicans consume up to four pounds of fish a day!

There is a dessert called Pelican Poop that is well known with Sanibel Island residents and vacationers. It is a chilled chocolate-covered cream cheese confection resembling a large truffle. The treat comes in a variety of flavors including Key lime and coconut. The delectable dessert can be found at Rosie’s Café on Palm Ridge just minutes from Sanibel Arms West.