Sea Turtles are some of ┬áthe islands’ favorite seasonal visitors

They visit us to build nests and lay their eggs. The nests are protected by human residents who want see as many nestlings as possible make it to the the safety of the surf and out to sea . As a beach front resort, Sanibel Arms West welcomes our sea turtle friends and supports efforts to give them sanctuary

Hear are the nesting Stats from the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, as of August 3, 2012

Nests False Crawls Hatches
Sanibel East End 67 145 0
Sanibel West End 242 515 30
Captiva 113 170 12
Total 422 830 42

The total number of nests on Sanibel and Captiva are up this year (a little over 10% for Sanibel and over 50% for Captiva). However hatches are down on both islands (compared to the same time last year). Tropical storms have impact on the nesting and the survival of the eggs. We have no control over them. But we all can control our behavior on the beach to protect andpreserve the nests.