As the state with the second longest coastline in the USA, Florida is home to approximately 1,350 mi (2,170 km) of waterfront, coastal bliss. Beautiful beaches are scattered along the east coast, up to the panhandle and all the way down to Miami and the Florida Keys, but here we are– Sanibel Island, a barrier island that continuously keeps sun seekers flocking to our little sparkling gem on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.

Though small, our island is mighty. With zero stoplights, almost no chain restaurants and a focus on the natural side of charming Old Florida, Sanibel Island is home to a style that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

Island living takes on a whole new meaning when you spend time on Sanibel. Let’s start with the Sanibel Arms West experience. Drift with the breeze from your lanai, to the pool, to the shade of a palm to the edge of the sand– living is carefree and easy when you’re surrounded by pristine sand, preserved land and wildlife and a bounty of shells waiting to be collected.

Ready to explore the island? Hop on one of our complimentary bikes and ride across the island on an island bike path to take in the fresh air– no need for a vehicle. Swing by the historic Sanibel Lighthouse, ride to breakfast at The Island Cow or get up close and personal with nature at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

From shopping to dining, from enjoying the outdoors to just plain doing nothing, the charm of Sanibel is inescapable. You’ll feel it in the rustle of the trees, see it in the gleam of the sunset, or touch it on the edge of your favorite shell. All you need to do is cross the causeway and relax.