Sanibel Arms West is a thoroughly contemporary condo rental resort with all the amenities and comforts of the 21st century. 

But Sanibel Island itself is filled with stories from the 1800’s when it was only accessible by boat. 

“Old Town Sanibel” is a short ride east of Sanibel Arms West and was once the center of all island activity. It’s also home to the historic Sanibel Lighthouse, the island’s oldest standing structure. First lit with a kerosene lantern in 1884, the lighthouse still guides vessels traveling on waters of the Gulf today. 

For a trip back in time to a different way of life, be sure to visit the other historic Sanibel Island sites that include: 

  • Old Bailey’s Store (1927) 
  • The Rutland House (1913) 
  • ShoreHaven House (1924) 
  • The Old Post Office (1926) 
  • The Burnap Cottage (1898) 
  • The Packing House (1900) 
  • Saniblel’s Old Schoolhouse (1896) 
  • The Morning Glories House (1927) 
  • Miss Charlotta’s Tearoom (1926)