Moving Quickly From Process to Progress!

The process of restoration and reimagination of Sanibel Arms West has consumed many months and countless hours of strategic planning, detailed coordination and — most of all — a lot of hard work by a lot of hard workers.

However, July has arrived and with it, process is turning into progress! And we’re excited to share with you some of the many highlights:

  • MORE THAN 50% OF CONDOMINIUM ROOFS are now restored, or in the process of restoration! That’s an amazing achievement and a very important one to keep the elements out, and allow our teams to get to work inside.
  • ALMOST ALL UNIT INTERIORS HAVE BEEN CLEARED of debris, framing and insulation! In fact, work has already begun on new, state-of-the-industry steel interior framing.
  • HURRICANE GLASS IS GOING IN across the property! Both room windows and sliders are beginning to be installed, with truckloads of material standing at the ready.
  • PATIO FRAMING IS BEING INSTALLED as units are cleared and ready for this next step!
  • NATIVE AND SURVIVING TREES have been significantly (and legally) trimmed to facilitate their regrowth and protect property!

All in all, it’s been a very exciting June and July here at 827 East Gulf Drive. All of us are eager to complete our mission and see Sanibel Arms West welcoming you hopefully by summer of next year. We look forward to sharing with you here, each month in WAVES. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates each month, too!

A Note from Our Board President

Just two weeks ago, I visited Sanibel Arms West. It’s a busy construction site. We have roofers, framers, plumbers, electricians and window installers currently onsite. They’re all working hard but we have a long way to go.

The part that makes me feel good is we have people like you who are eager to come back. For those of you who’ve driven by you’ll have noticed that we’re doing a lot of work to get the grounds back in shape — trimming the trees and grooming the landscape that is starting to grow back.

It’s a big job but our Board and Staff are up for the challenge. Keep us in your thoughts and know we’re doing everything we can to welcome all of you back. See you on the beach! Best regards!

Kevin Clinton | President of the Board of Directors, Sanibel Arms West